MWD Rikk M124

MWD Rikk’s journey began in May 2008, as he first arrived for training at the 341st Training Squadron in Lackland AFB, Texas.

In July 2008, MWD Rikk was certified as an Explosive Detector Dog.
Soon after, MWD Rikk was assigned to the 647th Security Forces Squadron, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, to begin active service.
Through his tenure at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, MWD Rikk has supported the Global War on Terrorism by deploying three times in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom.

MWD Rikk has also provided security for the President of the United States by being assigned to the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service on numerous occasions.

Rikk is now retired and currently has symptoms of Lumbosacral Spondylosis (fusing of the vertebrae in the spine). This makes it difficult to walk and the dragging of the hind legs.

Rikk is currently the ONLY retired military working dog on “The Big Island” and we are working hard to ensure his medical bills are taken care of.

As the owner of a GSD that has the same thing, I know how emotional it can be watching it take over your dog. The pain medications, the frequent X-rays for check ups and the additional work that comes with ansomewhat paralyzed dog.

Please help us ensure that MWD Rikk gets the care he has earned so he can enjoy his retirement!

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K-9 Oli

Oli is a retired K-9 that was bred, trained and imported from Czechoslovakia. She worked narcotics with the DOHS and was retired at 5yo after a leg injury (CCL) prevented her from working.
She was adopted out 3yrs ago but unfortunately her owner was diagnosed with cancer and her health is deteriorating so she needs to find a new home. We have a short term foster but will be looking for a long term foster or a permanent home ASAP.

She is currently located in Missouri but transport can be arranged either ground or flight.

Belgian Malinois
8 Years Old
Female – Spayed
Current On All Vaccines
Crate Trained
House Trained
Good With Most Other Dogs
High Energy | High Prey Drive
Trained in a delightful combination of Czech, German and English Commands.

She may be on medication for an extended period of time and we are more than happy to cover the cost of that!

If you are interested, Please email us directly at


We have had a few people reach out but not the perfect fit yet!

She is NOT the out of control wild child we were expecting! She is calm, loves to follow you around, lay by your feet, and bask in the sun. She will chase toys but prefers to just hang out with you.

She WILL need to continue taking medication for pain management as needed, but is overall a healthy dog!

She would make an amazing single dog, which is what we prefer, but could live with calm, older, and similar sized or smaller (but not toy breeds!) dogs as she gets a little testy when touched or over stimulated by other dogs.

If you are looking for a new best friend, let us know!!


K-9 Hank

K-9 Hank worked for 4 years as an explosives detection dog in Michigan. After retirement he was adopted but the home didn’t work out as planned and we were asked to find him a more suitable home.

Hank is now loving life in his forever home in Ohio with a loving family, including a few 4-legged friends!



MWD Dingo M063

Retired MWD (Sgt) Dingo served aboard his first duty station MCB Hawaii from 20 Sept 2008 to 15 Apr 2010 in which he was injured during his duties but had TPLO surgery on both back legs at Lackland Airforce Base and then continued his mission with MCAS Cherry Point, Provost Marshal’s Office, from 16 Apr 2010 to 30 may 2013. During his time aboard MCAS Cherry Point Sergeant Dingo effectively, timelessly and loyally accomplished the mission of providing a highly efficient security net without distracting from the welcoming environment of the general public. Sergeant Dingo conducted 3500 hours of training, 507 Random Anti-Terrorism Measure Vehicle Searches, 20 Command Authorized Searches, 15 VIP Searches, Searched 355 individual train sections, 200 walking patrols, 30 Building Searches, 38 Custom Searches and 6 Demonstrations exhibiting the capability of the Military Working Dog’s. Sergeant Dingo was also part of 4 Federal Judicial Security Missions- OCONUS/CONUS.


Thin Blue Line Auction Success

Last month we held an auction featuring items with a TBL theme. After 13 days of bidding we are proud to announce that we raised over $1,500!

Of all the items, the most popular proved to be the one of a kind painting by a dog, yes a dog!

The artists name is Kluude and he is a Dutch Shepherd!


We got it framed with his “paw”tograph to keep it safe and to give it an additional BTL look! We think it turned out great!!


Thank you to all who took part in the auction! Thanks to your donations we are able to continue out mission to give these heroes the retirement they earned!

MWD Baddy J473

MWD Baddy J473
U.S. Marine Corps Ret.
Sponsored Since August 2014
** MWD Baddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge 25 February 2015**

Baddy J473 is a retired Marine Corps Military Working Dog (MWD) that is diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am his previous handler of 2 years and a Marine Corps veteran finishing my undergraduate education at the University of Southern California.

The best care option I can give him to prolong his life while retaining quality is intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) which is outside of my financial capabilities.

Once MWDs are retired the federal government fails to provide any medical assistance to these warriors that served so selflessly. He is a fighter and has a warrior spirit; I know with IMRT we can surpass even the most optimistic estimation but we need your help first.

Semper Fi-ght On, Baddy!!!




CWD Braum

CWD Braum
Contractor Working Dog, Ret.
Sponsored Since November 2014
**EOW: 5 January 2015**

Braum was a Patrol and Explosives Detection Dog with American K9 Detection Services. He and his handler Crystal were together in Afghanistan from 2006 to 2014.

Braum also suffers from C-PTSD which is triggered by fireworks, gunfire, and thunderstorms. As a result of this, he had to get a few teeth removed from an injury sustained while kennel spinning.

On December 15 2014, Braum was diagnosed with cancer. He has growths in his nose that makes it difficult to breathe at times.



MWD Aron F300

MWD Aron F300
Patrol Explosives Detection Dog
U.S. Air Force Ret.
Sponsored Since February 2014
**EOW: 30 April 2014**

Retired MWD Aron F300, out of Kirkland Air Force Base has completed 3 tours in Iraq, one to Kuwait, and has worked numerous times with the Secret Service for “Presidential Guard Duty”. As a Patrol Explosives Detection Dog, Aron saved countless lives of his fellow Service Members.

He was retired in 2011 at the ripe age of 9 and adopted by Jo, who made it her mission to reunite this hero with his last handler. “On June 19, 2013, I loaded up the last of our “stuff” into a newly-purchased motorhome for what turned out to be a 5 week adventure through Canada and on to Anchorage, Alaska. I took Aron there to have a reunion with his former Air Force handler, Robert Black, who is now stationed there.

We arrived at Robert’s home on July 2nd and waited for him to get home from work. Even though they hadn’t seen each other in 7 years, Aron immediately remembered Robert so I let go of the leash and filmed the reunion. It was fantastic, happy, heart-warming, emotional…the list of descriptive words could go on for a long time. We stayed at Robert’s house for 6 days, allowing for a wonderful visit for the two of them…it was great to watch them be friends & buddies. I also enjoyed spending time with Robert, his Son and their MWD, Sany. Robert treated us like family. We left Alaska on July 8, toured Alaska some, then headed back to Albuquerque, NM through Canada.

We arrived at our home on July 21. He was very happy to be back home but I’m sure he is having thoughts of Robert and he probably always will. He is a happy boy, is very well loved by many friends, family and neighbors. AND, I might add… Aron has pretty much stopped the constant barking since I adopted him. A “doggy shrink”, a few long trips in the back seat of our truck and in the new motorhome has greatly reduced the noise! The first 5 or so minutes of a trip there is some barking, then usually only if he sees (or hears) a motorcycle or bicycle or a person walking.

He sleeps, relaxes and seems to enjoy the trips. He knows what “NAUGHTY” means and normally stops the noise and sits behind me watching what’s coming through the windshield. I love Aron so much and the way watches over me with those big, intelligent, brown eyes, tells me that he loves me, too. We are a perfect adoption match.”

Unfortunately, since adoption, he has required about $4,000 worth of dental work and another $4,000 on a surgery for an injured shoulder.

Battle Buddies
This July 2, 2013 photo, shows former Military Working Dog, Aron, outside MSgt. Rob Black’s home in Eagle River, Alaska. Aron’s owner, Jo Johnson, drove more than 3,600 miles from New Mexico to reunite the two. (AP Photo/Alaska Journal of Commerce, Matt Tunseth)