K-9 Oli

Oli is a retired K-9 that was bred, trained and imported from Czechoslovakia. She worked narcotics with the DOHS and was retired at 5yo after a leg injury (CCL) prevented her from working.
She was adopted out 3yrs ago but unfortunately her owner was diagnosed with cancer and her health is deteriorating so she needs to find a new home. We have a short term foster but will be looking for a long term foster or a permanent home ASAP.

She is currently located in Missouri but transport can be arranged either ground or flight.

Belgian Malinois
8 Years Old
Female – Spayed
Current On All Vaccines
Crate Trained
House Trained
Good With Most Other Dogs
High Energy | High Prey Drive
Trained in a delightful combination of Czech, German and English Commands.

She may be on medication for an extended period of time and we are more than happy to cover the cost of that!

If you are interested, Please email us directly at adoptions@theddocfoundation.org


We have had a few people reach out but not the perfect fit yet!

She is NOT the out of control wild child we were expecting! She is calm, loves to follow you around, lay by your feet, and bask in the sun. She will chase toys but prefers to just hang out with you.

She WILL need to continue taking medication for pain management as needed, but is overall a healthy dog!

She would make an amazing single dog, which is what we prefer, but could live with calm, older, and similar sized or smaller (but not toy breeds!) dogs as she gets a little testy when touched or over stimulated by other dogs.

If you are looking for a new best friend, let us know!!


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