MWD Dingo M063

Retired MWD (Sgt) Dingo served aboard his first duty station MCB Hawaii from 20 Sept 2008 to 15 Apr 2010 in which he was injured during his duties but had TPLO surgery on both back legs at Lackland Airforce Base and then continued his mission with MCAS Cherry Point, Provost Marshal’s Office, from 16 Apr 2010 to 30 may 2013. During his time aboard MCAS Cherry Point Sergeant Dingo effectively, timelessly and loyally accomplished the mission of providing a highly efficient security net without distracting from the welcoming environment of the general public. Sergeant Dingo conducted 3500 hours of training, 507 Random Anti-Terrorism Measure Vehicle Searches, 20 Command Authorized Searches, 15 VIP Searches, Searched 355 individual train sections, 200 walking patrols, 30 Building Searches, 38 Custom Searches and 6 Demonstrations exhibiting the capability of the Military Working Dog’s. Sergeant Dingo was also part of 4 Federal Judicial Security Missions- OCONUS/CONUS.


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